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Protecting lives since 1987 from High Winds and tornadoes

Protect your family with an underground storm shelter or safe room that has been engineered and manufactured in the Midwest to withstand an EF5 tornado. For more than 25 years the engineers have been working to help keep families like yours safe when a vicious storm hits. We are committed to our product and will stand behind the warranty and installation.

When there is a tornado or severe storm headed your way you will be glad that you purchased an in-ground storm shelter. These underground storm shelters can be installed in an existing garage. You will be able to enter your in-ground storm shelter without going outside or moving your car. Simply put, your loved ones will have a safe place to go.

The storm shelter lid is nearly flush with the garage floor and will not cost you any living space. (Learn More)

In-Ground Tornado Shelter Wichita Eagle Article
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When a tornado was headed toward south Wichita in April of 2011, Ray and Marilyn Kraft had nowhere to go but the crawl space under their home.

“My wife hated lying in the dirt,” Ray Kraft said. “She said, ‘I don’t ever want to do that again.’ ”

The Krafts decided to put a tornado shelter in, ultimately choosing Storm Defense Shelters, a company that installs below-ground shelters in garages. Read the Full Article

April 2011 saw more tornado occurrences than any other month on record. Only four days during the month saw zero tornadoes

Read more: Worst Tornado Season Ever - Worst-Case Scenario - Popular Mechanics

2011 was the fourth deadliest tornado year in U.S. History. Are you prepared for a tornado?

Our storm shelters have been engineered for safety.
  • NSSA Approved For your safety
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Commercial Grade Weatherproofing
  • 2 Safety Ladders and Handrail
  • Back Door Release from Inside
  • Built in Steps, and Seats
  • Rubber Backed Carpet.
  • Solid ¼” Steel Doors
  • Rust Resistant Coating
  • Outside Lock Sliding Door Design
  • Built in Ventilation

Tornado on the GroundNo matter what shelter you are looking for, we have a model that's right for your needs.
All of our storm shelters can be ordered in a size tall, with additional head room, for your comfort:
•In-ground steel shelters
•Above-ground tornado safe rooms
•Concrete storm shelters
•Large community shelters


Listen to why a veteran storm chaser put
an in-ground storm shelter in his home.
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Did you know? The United States is the world capital of tornadoes. The worst tornadoes form from super cell thunderstorms when warm, moist air is trapped underneath cool, dry air and when high altitude winds high up travel in different directions than those at ground level. This setup is most common over the central United States in spring when warm Gulf air meets cold Arctic air and the jet stream dips back down,

What can happen in these storms is that rising warm air hits that change in wind direction and begins to rotate like a pinwheel. The heat continues to build underneath the pinwheel until it punches through this "cap" and turns the pinwheel on its side, creating a mass of rotating clouds called a mesocyclone that can spawn a tornado. This setup is most common over Tornado Alley

Tornado season can't reliably be forecasted.

There's no forecast method for the whole of tornado season. Large-scale atmospheric patterns, such as the El Nino-La Nina can affect how a tornado season plays out but it is not predictable. Tornado season typically starts roughly in March and is at its most active from May to June. However, the fall also sees a season and tornadoes occur all year round.

Climatologists can look at the likely atmospheric patterns that will come into play in a given spring to deduce whether it might be a blockbuster year or a quiet one, but individual tornadoes are just too small to be able to predict far in advance.


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