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Eric Stolfi - Owner

About 8 years ago my wife, 3 kids & I had a tornado bear down close to us. We live in the country and have no basement! The only place we had to go was a weedy wet culvert under the highway. Needless to say, we were done with that! The next day my Mom who now resides in Northwest Arkansas called to check on our status. Out of her concern, she told me people have been putting in underground garage tornado shelters in Arkansas for a few years. This sparked my interest, so I contacted the company that she knew about and made a deal to learn the business.

Knowing I wanted to bring the business to Kansas, I went to work with my mentor for some time to learn how the system worked and the manufacturer eventually picked me up as a sales and installation rep in Kansas. Since then we have searched and have the best products on the market, at the most affordable prices. Over the last 8 years we have continued to grow every day due to our quality products, precision installations, and customer service. We now have a product line that includes community buildings, personal safe rooms, and indoor and outdoor shelters of all types. Our mission is to provide safety for you family at an affordable price!

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