Kansas Pet Shelters

Meets/Exceeds FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 protocols
Vent for Ventilation

Pet Shelter

Don’t forget to take precautions to protect your lovable pets this severe weather season.  Most pets are traumatized by being forced to go in a traditional underground shelter. The majority of public shelters will not accept pets because the room is needed for humans. Now there is an innovative new pet shelter available so you can protect your pets in the event of dangerous threatening weather.

Pet Tornado Shelter

Storm Defense Shelter in Kansas is proud to add a shelter specifically designed with your pets in mind. This above ground Pet Shelter protects your precious furry loved ones. The Pet Shelter meets or exceeds FEMA 320,361 and ICC500 protocols meaning it is certified to withstand EF5 Tornados and wind speeds up to 250 MPH.  It was tested by Texas Tech and approved.  This incredible Pet Shelter has ventilation to keep your pets safe while locked inside.  It can be attached to your existing concrete pad inside or outside your home. If you have no existing pad, a precast one can be purchased and installed.  Out Pet Shelter also has a ten-year warranty against leaking and floating.

Prepare Your Pets

Just as important as it is to prepare your family members with tornado drills so everyone knows what to do, you can practice with your pets. They will have a chance to go into the shelter in non-threatening situations.  Plan your drill and let everyone make a practice run. Keep calm so your pet does not react to your anxiety. Watch the next thunderstorm to see where your pets hide so when a real-life scenario comes, you won’t waste precious time trying to find where they hide. Make sure to give your pet a treat after the drill and keep your first practice short so they can get used to the shelter.

Prepare your Pet Shelter

Keep a favorite blanket or toy in the Pet Shelter to ease anxieties. During the peak of tornado season, or on days when severe weather is expected, some people like to keep a bowl of dried dog food and a bowl of water in the Pet Shelter.

Contact us at Storm Defense Shelters in Benton, Kansas where we are committed to keeping you, your loved ones and even your pets safe.

  •  Meets/Exceeds FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 protocols
  •  Texas Tech Tested
  •  Vent for ventilation
  •  10 year warranty against leaking and floating