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One of the best ways to survive a life-threatening tornado is to be educated and prepared before one hits your area. Although tornadoes can cause devastation anywhere and anytime of the year, spring in Kansas is a ripe time for twisters to ramp up. Storm Defense Shelters believes education and protection for our Kansas neighbors can save lives. It is time to review your knowledge and check your readiness for our imminent tornado season. Kansas has an average of 110 twisters per year. Is your family, school or business ready for an approaching tornado? It could mean the difference between life or death.

Be Weather Savvy

Make checking the weather part of your daily routine. Meteorologists have much more advanced tools to predict the probability of tornadoes than ever before. Take heed of those predictions whether they happen or not. During the Spring season, you may even want to check the weather on your lunch hour and dinner, as well to see if any Tornado watches or warnings have been issued. A “Watch” means all the atmospheric conditions are lining up to produce a possible tornado. A “Warning” means a tornado is indicated on radar or has been actually spotted so you need to take immediate shelter. If a siren goes off outside, take shelter immediately. Most sirens are not loud enough to be heard inside so you can add a severe weather alert app to your cell phone which will tell you to take cover. A lot of Kansans know the sight of a menacing Wall Cloud which means to seek shelter.

Know Where to Go for Shelter

Know where the nearest storm shelters are and have a plan to get there as quickly as possible. The closer the access, the better the protection so you don’t get caught in missile-like flying debris. Have a plan to assist children and mobility-impaired family and neighbors. Provide a storm shelter that meets FEMA codes for your family inside or outside your own home. Practice tornado drills by going into the shelter.  If no shelter is available, go to the lowest place in your house with no outside windows. If you are in a mobile home or a large open metal building like a gym or school cafeteria, leave immediately for a safer location.  If you are driving and no indoor shelter is readily available, get out of your vehicle (which can be easily tossed in a tornado) and get down in a nearby low ravine and cover your head. Do not seek safety under an overpass. They act as wind tunnels for tornadoes and have sucked people out.

Provide Safe Shelter for your Family or Groups

Storm Defense Shelters purposely carries a wide variety of shelters to meet as many needs and price ranges as possible. Their mission is to provide tested storm shelters which meet FEMA codes to withstand EF5 Tornadoes. Eric Stolfi, owner, will assist you in selecting the right one for your residence, school, business, apartment complex, mobile home park or community. Choose from underground or above ground shelters, those made from concrete or heavy-Duty Metal, and shelters installed inside or outside. Stolfi works with Home builders, city leaders, school districts, and businesses to ensure more Kansans have proven Tornado/Storm Shelters available. Contact Storm Defense Shelters today.