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The first tornado of 2020 has already had catastrophic damage in Tennessee. It is a stoic reminder to be prepared for the tornadoes that will occur in Kansas. This is the time to get your family, schools, businesses, mobile home parks and public places ready for the intense Spring weather. Storm Defense Shelters is committed to helping our Kansas neighbors be ready for the very real threat of KS tornadic weather. There is peace of mind, knowing you are prepared if the threat becomes reality.

Keep Educated and Informed

Make it part of your daily schedule to keep informed of the predicted weather for the day. Kansas has a long history of tornadoes since it is in Tornado Alley. Meteorologists are gaining new and more innovative ways of predicting severe weather which will likely spawn tornadoes. Let the scientists keep their eyes on the incredible new tools to predict. It’s your job to listen to their predictions and be “on alert.” It is probably wise not to give them too hard of a time or become complacent about their educated warnings when their predictions do not happen. Be grateful when they don’t. Tornadoes can still touch down when weather builds quickly without warning such as it did in TN on March 3, 2020.

Know What to Do

Life keeps going. You have to live your daily life, but Kansas life includes knowing what to do on a moment’s notice if a tornado approaches. Most Kansans know (but there may be someone new to our state) what the difference between a Tornado Watch and Warning is. A “Watch” issued by the weather service means atmospheric conditions are ripe for a tornado to occur on that day. It means you should know where the nearest shelter or safe place is so you can be ready to get there quickly. A “Warning” means you should take shelter immediately. Keep informed by watching the weather via television or a computer. Install a severe weather alert app on your cell phone and have a weather radio to keep you informed in your area even if the power goes out.

Have a Shelter and know How to Use it

Storm Defense Shelters hopes to install one of their shelters which meets FEMA codes to protect against the strongest EF5 tornadoes in your home, schools, business and public places. The best protection is to have immediate access to tested and proven shelters. It is vital to practice Tornado Drills with your family and in public settings so everyone knows what to do in a calm manner. Stock your Tornado/Storm Shelter with a flashlight, batteries, water, a weather radio, a whistle to call for help. Practice with your family, and groups you are responsible for, so everyone will know what to do if a tornado threatens your area.

Get the Correct Shelter for your Needs

Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters, carries a wide array of storm shelters to fit your particular needs—whether you are protecting your family or an entire school or business with employees. Storm Defense Shelters installs only storm shelters which meet FEMA codes to protect from EF5 tornadoes. There are above and below-ground shelters, metal or concrete shelters, residential or community shelters, even the innovative Life Lift Shelter Bed, which was seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Contact Storm Defense Shelters today to prepare and protect against Kansas tornadoes.