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Every year, as soon as the first Kansas tornado hits, shelter companies immediately get backed up with orders. Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters, tries to encourage home-owners, businesses and schools to place their orders as soon as possible. It has always been his goal to provide safe shelter from severe weather and tornadoes to his Kansas neighbors. The nature of his business is seasonal, although tornadoes have caused damage during any part of the year—most people don’t think about it until nearby damage occurs. Don’t wait for that to happen. The recent deadly tornado in Tennessee has already wreaked havoc this year.

Eric Stolfi Cares About Your Tornado Protection

Stolfi and his family knew a tornado was headed for their Rural Kansas home. The only place they had to go for safety was a nearby wet grassy ravine. Though his family rode it out safely, Eric knew it was time to get serious about protecting his family. The more research he did, and experience he earned in the tornado shelter business, the more he knew he wanted to protect as many Kansas families as he could. That’s why Eric carries all sizes, shapes and price ranges of Tornado shelters. They all have been tested and approved to meet FEMA codes to withstand EF5 tornadoes—the strongest ever recorded. Eric takes tornado shelter research and education seriously, as he knows his Kansas neighbors’ lives depend on it.

Residential Storm Defense Shelters

               For close to a decade, Storm Defense Shelters has offered more choices and complete quality installation of Tornado Shelters for Kansas residents. Eric assists in selecting the right shelter for your unique home, family and needs. Residential Tornado Shelters are available in below ground and above ground models, concrete or heavy-duty metal materials, and may be installed inside or outside your home. Storm Defense Shelters even carries the innovative Life Lift Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, which offers immediate access even for those with limited mobility. This great line-up of shelters to choose from will even provide protection during home invasions; as well as keep your valuables safe. Call Storm Defense today to find out how you can get the ball rolling as this Kansas Tornado season could begin at any time.

Commercial Storm Defense Shelters

Stolfi has experience in installing community-type shelters in Kansas schools, businesses, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes and mobile home parks. When you are responsible for the safety of a group of people in the event of a Kansas tornado striking in your area, you can count on Storm Defense Shelters to provide proven protection with quick access. Eric also works with Home builders to offer shelters as part of the home building package.

Contact Eric Stolfi from Storm Defense Shelters today to get real tornado protection scheduled to be installed in your home or commercial setting. Kansas tornado season is upon us. Be ready for it!