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With the end of another year fast approaching, take advantage of Storm Defense Shelters generous $350-off coupon. This is one of the very best times to order your preferred tornado shelter. Avoid the Tornado Season rush when they are flooded with calls resulting in six-month waiting times for installation. Have your shelter installed to be ready for Spring by ordering now before December 31. Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters has built his company on offering affordable shelters that have been tested to FEMA standards and guidelines to his Kansas neighbors. He knows they will save lives.


Year-End Tax opportunity

If you have a business, mobile home park or industry and you need to provide protection for those you are responsible for, another reason to order your shelter before the end of the year is to count it as a business expense. Of course, we all know that saving lives is the most important issue, saving money helps us get the ball rolling. This is the time to take advantage of the year-end coupon and to count it for this year’s business expense.  Storm Defense Shelters installs Community Shelters for schools, businesses, apartments, neighborhoods—anywhere a group of people need to have a safe place to be safe from approaching tornadoes. Protect the people you are responsible for.

Choose from Great Selection of Shelters

Storm Defense Shelters researches and keeps educated on the latest input by FEMA and weather experts to give you the best assistance in choosing the right shelter for your particular needs and space. Every single model Stolfi’s business offers has been certified by FEMA and Texas Wind Institute to keep you safe through EF5 tornadoes with wind speeds over 250 miles per hour. They also serve as Safe Rooms for Home invasions while keeping valuables and records safe. Choose from under or above-ground shelters and Safe Rooms for inside or outside your home made from heavy duty metal or concrete. Check out the Garage Shelters, Garden Shelters, Slope Top, Flat Top, Indoor Safe Rooms, Pet Shelters and the innovative Life Lift Under Bed Shelter, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Saving Lives from Deadly Tornadoes

Saving lives will always be the ultimate goal of installing a Residential or Community Tornado Shelter, but Storm Defense Shelters is trying to motivate you to not wait any longer. The next Twister could come your way. They want to help you be prepared. That’s why they are offering this year end coupon. This is the time to provide protection for your family, students and employees. Don’t’ wait another year.