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If you are a builder or an owner of a Patio or Garden Home, there are some great ways to protect from Kansas’ severe weather, including the very real possibility of dangerous tornadoes and damaging straight winds. With a growing trend towards more home with less yard to care for, safety should not ever be left out. Having a quickly accessible Storm Shelter not only saves lives, but it can be a valuable option for builders to offer their clients as they build new Patio Homes.

What are Patio Homes?

Also referred to as carriage homes, garden homes, cluster homes, and courtyard homes, patio homes are a relatively recent addition to housing options. It may seem similar to a condo or townhouse, but it usually consists of a single level and the owner is purchasing the small parcel of land as well as the house whereas a condo involves buying the structure only.  Patio homes are popular with empty nesters and are often in gated communities. The homes may share a wall or have a small amount of space between homes. They may, or may not, have a patio or deck to sit on. Patio homes need a storm shelter for protection against tornadoes and home invasions just like any dwelling in Kansas.

In Ground Basement Storm Shelter

Patio Home Builders

If you are a Home Builder in Kansas, there is a growing trend to build neighborhoods where the owner gets to help select all the colors, fixtures, etc. What a great option to give your buyer to also include their choice of a storm shelter! Eric Stolfi, of Storm Defense Shelters, works closely with home builders to offer the best choices that can be easily installed on the cement slab of a Patio or Garden Home. They offer several sizes of above-ground Metal Safe Rooms which are FEMA certified to withstand EF5 tornado damage. Another great option is the new innovative shelter bed, tested to FEMA standards and guidelines, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. These shelters offer access to a safe shelter right in your own home.

Storm Shelter Bed Down With Doors Open

Patio Home Owners

Perhaps you already own your garden home. Storm Defense Shelters can still install one of the Safe Rooms inside your home or install one of the Shelter Beds, which raise up to give you a storm shelter right under your own bed. Eric and his crew are meticulous about preparing, installing and clean up, leaving you with a shelter ready to protect you right in your private home. Whether you are a professional Home Builder or own your home, contact Eric at Storm Defense Shelters to see which storm shelter will work best for your Patio Home.