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There is a growing building trend in Kansas for Garden Homes, sometimes referred to as Patio Homes. They are built on a small lot—close to or adjoining other homes, and have a patio; yet the surrounding landscape and grounds are usually taken care of by the Home Owners Association. Storm Defense Shelters loves to work with homeowners and builders of Patio homes to find the perfect solution for protection from Kansas tornadoes.

Garden/Patio Home Builders

Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters, enjoys finding ways to work with these niche home builders. There are several options for shelters that are compact yet easily accessible which can be installed during or after construction. A FEMA tested storm shelter is a great choice for a builder to be able to offer potential home buyers in Kansas since our state is known for its dangerous tornadoes. A lot of Garden/Patio home buyers are older and need quick, easy access to storm protection right in their own home. Builders need to contact Storm Defense Shelters to see how this option might be a great available addition to offer their buyers—and it can save lives.

Garden/Patio Home Owners

Perhaps you’re already moved in and are living in your Patio or Garden Home. It is not too late to install a Storm Shelter that’s tested to FEMA standards and guidelines. Each of Storm Defense’s Storm Shelters has passed a rigorous testing by the Texas Wind Institute to withstand EF5 tornadoes (the strongest tornadoes ever recorded) with hurricane force winds. There are several options which can be installed in an occupied Patio or Garden Home. Ask about our Safe Rooms, above and underground shelters as well as the innovative Life Lift Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Eric, from Storm Defense Shelters can advise which is the best choice for your existing home and needs.

Versatile Protection

Did you realize that a Storm Defense Shelter can not only protect you and your family from deadly tornadoes, but it can double as a Safe room for your valuables? Another benefit of a FEMA tested shelter is that if someone was to break into your Garden/Patio Home, you can quickly enter your Safe Room of choice and lock it from the inside. You can count on multiple protection from your Storm Defense Shelter.