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One of the greatest tragedies occurs when a school filled with young students gets hit by a tornado. Kansas school boards can get proactive in providing FEMA tested protection for the students and staff they are responsible for now. Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters, has experience with working together with Kansas school systems to install community shelters on the school campus. This is the time to start making plans—before the Spring Tornado season gets here and there is a waiting list for installation. Eric is glad to evaluate each school and recommend the best community shelter to safeguard a small or larger school.

Provide Storm Shelter for All Aged Students

Whether you are on a public or private school board, the PTA board, or a civic group that wants to provide protection for the students in your community, Storm Defense Shelters can help. Eric and his company are dedicated to installing Tornado/Storm Shelters for preschools, elementary schools, high schools, vocational schools and colleges. Schools not only take the responsibility of educating while students are in their care, but need to provide the best safety measures available to our vulnerable young students and those who teach them.

Versatile Shelters for Educational Communities

Depending on the layout of your school, the number of students who need protection and the best accessibility, Stolfi can help you make the most educated choice for Community Storm Shelters for your particular student body. Now is the time to get a plan of action so a presentation can be made to your school board, a community service group or to get the ball rolling for a fundraiser. There should be a lot of backing to provide Community Storm Shelters to provide FEMA-tested-an- approved protection for the young students of Kansas. Did you realize that Storm Defense Shelters have not only been tested by Texas Wind Institute to withstand EF5 tornadoes (the strongest ever recorded) and hurricane force winds, but they can also be used to protect students from attacks with weapons?

Storm Defense Community Shelters

These incredible above-ground Community Shelters can be installed outside or even inside a large building. They meet or exceed FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 protocols. You can count on the rigorous testing by Texas Wind Institute to ensure protection against flying objects being fired like missiles by 250 MPH winds. Storm Defense installs them so they are quickly accessible to those you are wanting to protect at school. The ventilation system is designed to sustain people safely through danger. They have a ten-year warranty against any leaking or flooding. Every shelter is reinforced with steel rebar, fiber mesh and poured with a minimum of 6000 lb. psi concrete.

Storm Defense is ready to get serious with you to provide Storm Shelter in Kansas Schools.