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This is the time of year to slow down and celebrate faith, family and friends. Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters along with his wife Angela, and daughters Chloe and Lily would like to wish each of their Kansas neighbors a blessed Christmas and New Year season. They are extremely grateful for their family and friends who have supported them in their mission to help Kansas residents have a safe shelter to go to during tornadoes and dangerous storms. Many new friends have been made through the process of choosing and installing the perfect shelter for each client. Storm Defense Shelters is proud to serve and provide life-saving protection for our Kansas neighbors.

Savor Time with Family and Friends

Being in the tornado shelter business, they are all too aware of how one deadly twister can change everything. Lives are cut short. Homes are leveled. Life can change in the blinking of an eye, whether it’s by a tornado, accident, or another type crisis. This life is precious and short even if you live to be over 100 years old. Eric and his family urge you to take time to grow strong in your faith, savor this season with your loved ones and enjoy the rich blessings of this life all around you.

Thank You for a Great Year

Storm Defense has had the honor of helping schools provide Community Shelters for their students, some industries install Group shelters for their employees, and many home owners find the right shelter for their unique needs and space. It is satisfying to look back at the new models they have added so you and those you are responsible for have protection readily available when storms approach. They offer above and underground shelters from concrete and metal, Safe Rooms, Garden Shelters that look great in your landscape, pet shelters and even the Life Lift Shelter Bed which was on ABC’s Shark Tank. Eric makes sure all shelters are certified by FEMA to withstand EF5 tornados. Make sure to take advantage of the $350 off coupon if used before December 31.

New Year’s Resolution

Storm Defense is carrying on their mission to try to protect as many Kansas residents as possible from deadly Kansas storms. You can count on Eric’s commitment to stay abreast of new innovations in storm shelters, to produce quality work, to work fairly with residents, builders, businesses, schools and to treat you like a friend.  Once again, from Eric and his family—have a very meaningful Christmas and new Year season this year!