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Even though it is the start of a new year, tornado season in Kansas will be upon us before you know it. This is a great time to get a consultation and price quote on a tornado shelter before Spring weather arrives. It never fails that once the very first tornado touches down anywhere in the United States, the phone calls begin and the waiting list grows overnight. There can be a six-month waiting period almost immediately until you can get your shelter installed. That leaves you and those you are responsible for without protection through another season of Kansas tornadoes.

Shelter Beds Down Position

Home Owners: Protect Your Family with a Tornado Shelter

Start looking into a shelter now so it will be installed and ready to protect you and your family. Eric Stolfi, at Storm Defense Shelters, is ready to help you find the right above or under-ground shelter to install in your Kansas home. He takes great strides to offer a diversified line up of shelters for home owners that can be installed inside or outside your Kansas home. Each one is tested to FEMA guidelines to withstand EF5 tornadoes and hurricane-speed wind.  Choose from heavy duty metal to concrete shelters to the unique Life Lift Shelter bed as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Get your home ready now for the approaching tornado season.

Home Builders: Offer Your Clients a Shelter

Many home builders in Kansas now offer a Tornado Shelter as a possible option to keep their families safe. Eric enjoys working with builders to install underground shelters or above-ground safe rooms in the garage or built inside newly constructed homes. The trend toward Patio or garden home are another area that Storm Defense Shelters works with to ensure a safe place for residents to ride out possible tornadoes that show up far too often in Kansas. Contact Eric Stolfi for the ways he can help Kansas builders keep new homeowners safe from the start.

Schools, Businesses, Apartments: Keep Your People Safe in a Community Shelter

This is the year- no more talk about it. Contact Storm Defense systems now to see what it will take to protect Kansas students, employees, and residents safe during dangerous straight winds and deadly tornadoes. Storm Defense has experience working with Kansas school districts and companies to install community shelters on the premises to give your people quick access to safe shelters that meet and exceed FEMA guidelines and standards.

Don’t let another year, or tornado season, slip by with no storm protection for your Kansas home, school, company, apartment complex, or mobile home park. Storm Defense Shelters is serious about protecting their Kansas neighbors. Are you? Contact us today!