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One of the most precious gifts you can give your family is protection. Why not give a Storm Shelter for a Christmas gift? Although tornadoes rarely hit Kansas in December, that is actually one of the best times to get one. Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters, is offering $350 off for storm shelters purchased in December 2019. He even gives you a gift certificate to wrap up or present as you desire. It is a gift that could literally save your family’s lives. Storm Defense Systems has the most choices of shelters available to choose from so you can custom-fit your family’s needs. This is the perfect time to get a tornado/storm shelter- when business is slow. As soon as the first tornado of the year hits, there is almost automatically a 6-month waiting list. Your shelter will be in place and ready to protect from the next tornado.

Choose the Right Shelter for Your Family

Eric has been studying shelters and tornadoes ever since his own young family lived in rural Kansas and rode out a tornado in a weedy wet culvert under the road. From that moment, he wanted to provide better protection for his own family and other Kansas families and residents. Every model Storm Defense carries meets or exceeds FEMA standards to protect through EF5 tornadoes and hurricane-force winds. Storm Defense takes great care in providing selections, experience, installation and real protection from Kansas storms. Choose from above or underground metal or cement shelters. Storm Defense Systems can install above or underground shelters in your garage, your landscape, on a cement pad or even Storm Rooms inside the home. They are dealers for the famous Life Lift Shelter Bed as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. They even carry Pet Shelters and Community Shelters.

Storm Shelter Bed

Real Protection from Multiple Threats

Not only will you be giving the gift of protection from the ever-present threat of Kansas tornadoes, but a Storm Defense System shelter can also provide protection for your family during a home invasion, during damaging straight winds, earthquakes, and your storm shelter can double as a safe room for your valuables. One of the most critical parts of surviving a threat of danger is quick accessibility. Having a Storm Shelter on your own property either inside or outside where your family can quickly get into is so important.

Give the gift or protection to your loved ones this Christmas. Tell Eric you saw it here, and he will give you $350 off. Be ready for Spring storms before they happen!