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Even with the latest technology available to predict and warn residents of possible tornadic weather, some occur so quickly over highly populated areas that they cannot be predicted accurately in time such as the recent tragic Tennessee tornadoes. These unpredictable twisters are deadly, especially when they occur at night. Storm Defense Shelters is committed to providing protection from tornadoes and other severe weather. Part of being prepared is learning how to be ready. Kansas has more tornadoes than Tennessee, but our state is less densely populated. Some Kansas tornadoes hit down over more rural areas giving us time to get ready in highly populated areas. It is critical to keep learning more ways to protect and warn about approaching tornadoes.

Night-time Tornadoes are the Deadliest

The family of tornadoes which wreaked havoc over Tennessee March 3, 2020 touched down after most people were in bed asleep. The 10 o’clock weather had not issued any tornado warnings at that time, so most Tennessee residents went to sleep with no extra alert for extreme weather. Everything formed quickly and with much more intensity than first thought right over densely populated areas. Most had little or no warning to take shelter. Fewer storm shelters are installed in Tennessee than in Kansas since KS is notorious for tornadic activity. Yet Tennessee has more night time tornadoes which are often the most dangerous since they catch people off guard.

Utilize Warning Systems

Storm Defense wants to send their deepest sympathy to all those affected by the Tennessee disaster. It is a stark reminder of why they are in the business of providing protection. It is also important to learn what can be improved in preparing people for the tornadic weather that plagues our state. Outdoor sirens cannot be your only source of warning. They were designed to primarily warn people who are outside to take shelter. Most homes and buildings are heavily insulated or have enough noise inside to muffle the sound of those sirens. It is vital to have more than one warning system to keep you informed. This is the time of the year to check the weather reports daily via television or computer so you know if there is a threat later in the day. Install a severe weather warning app on your cell phone so no matter where you are, you will receive notice. The National Weather service encourages using a weather radio that will inform you of severe weather in your area and will operate despite power outages. Kansans live with the threat of tornadoes, but it is vital to stay alert with multiple warning systems.

Provide Safe Storm Shelters

Whether you are responsible for your family, a school of students and teachers, or have a business with customers and employees, you can provide real protection from storm shelters that meet FEMA codes to withstand EF5 tornadoes. Storm Defense Shelters can help you choose the correct shelter from their line of above or below ground shelters, heavy-duty metal or concrete shelters, indoor or outdoor shelters or residential or community shelters. Eric Stolfi, owner/operator of Storm Defense Shelters, takes his mission of providing shelter to his Kansas neighbors seriously. Contact Storm Defense Shelter today to get your storm shelter ready to be installed. Be alert and ready.