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Winter is the very best time to get a storm shelter in Kansas. As soon as the first tornado touches down anywhere in Kansas, the waiting list grows to 6 months almost overnight. It is the nature of the storm shelter business. During these winter months, Eric Stolfi, owner of Storm Defense Shelters reports that most of the shelters ordered last Spring and Summer have been installed and this is the slower season. In fact, he is offering a winter discount on any of Storm Defense Shelters that are ordered by Christmas. Your Storm shelter can be installed and ready to protect your loved ones before the next storm season hits.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Perhaps you’ve been talking about getting storm protection for your home, school, or business for many years. Take advantage of the slower season and price break to get it done now. Storm Defense Shelters carries a great selection of FEMA approved storm shelters. One is sure to meet your needs. Every season, you hold your breath, hoping the twister doesn’t hit you.  Don’t risk it any longer. This is the time to install protection for those you are responsible for. Make the choice now so your shelter will be ready for this storm season in Kansas.

Storm Defense Shelters Offers the Best Selection in Kansas

Stolfi believes in staying abreast of the research and innovations for storm protection. His company was started after he and his young family had to crawl inside of a wet grassy culvert as a tornado passed over them. Every model installed by Storm Defense Shelters has been certified by the Texas Wind Institute to withstand EF5 tornados (the strongest recorded) and hurricane-force winds. Choose from metal or concrete above or below ground shelters. Learn more about the Storm rooms which can be installed in new or existing homes or garages. Storm Defense is the Kansas dealer for the Life Lift Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank that gives immediate access right under your bed.

Residential and Community Shelters Installed Anywhere in Kansas

This slower season for storm shelters may be just the advantage you need to provide protection for your family in your own home, or for larger groups you may be responsible for. Storm Defense works with Kansas schools, businesses, manufacturers, apartments, mobile home parks, and neighborhood additions to install affordable FEMA approved Community Shelters. Those Community Shelters sometimes have to go through a few more hoops to get approved by their organization, so this off-season is the perfect time to get the process started. Let Storm Defense Shelters help you be prepared before the next storm.