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Everyone calls wanting a storm shelter immediately as soon as the first Spring tornado hits in Kansas. And they all want it done immediately.  Depending on that year’s storm season, within the first one or two tornado alerts, there can be a 6-9 month waiting time for installation due to the number of inquiries all at once.  Storm Defense Shelters encourages Kansas residents to get the ball rolling in Fall so your storm protection is in place before the first tornado siren goes off and the wave of orders puts you on a waiting list in the Spring.

Choose Your Best Shelter

Storm Defense Shelters carries a wide selection of shelters. Eric Stolfi, owner, can help you make an educated choice on which shelter is best for you, those you need to protect and your available space. If you wait until Spring, you may not only have to wait on installation but some actual shelters are on back order due to heavy orders. Storm Defense carries both above and under-ground shelters, concrete or heavy-duty metal, community shelters of all sizes, interior and exterior shelters and even a bed that raises up to give instant shelter right in your own bedroom. They even have pet shelters! Every Storm Defense Shelter is tested to FEMA standards and guidelines to withstand an EF5 tornado.

Community Shelters for Kansas Schools, Businesses. Apartments

Whatever group of people you need to provide protection for, Storm Defense Shelters can help. By installing now, your school, mobile home park, apartments, business or neighborhood will be ready for Spring Storms if you begin now getting everything lined up.  Organizations and groups often take some time to get the decision made. Start now so you won’t get caught unprotected in another Kansas storm season. Eric will come evaluate your grounds, number of people and type of community shelter needed.

New or Existing Homes

Eric works closely with builders to put storm shelters in new homes or even a neighborhood shelter for new additions. Storm Defense offers enough options to find a shelter that fits in your garage, on your patio, in your landscape, inside your house or next to a school or business. They help you find the most accessible place because Eric and his crew are dedicated to keeping Kansas citizens safe. Don’t wait until Spring. Contact Storm Defense Shelters today.