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Kansas and tornadoes are almost synonymous thanks to the fictional Wizard of Oz and the very real history of damaging tornadoes in Kansas. Storm Defense Shelters’ owner, Eric Stolfi, was featured in a front cover story on Storm Safety in the Kansas Country Living magazine in 2018. Eric and his company Storm Defense Shelters was listed as one of the state’s leading Storm Shelter companies at that writing. Since that time, Eric has continued in his commitment to providing more ways to provide shelter from tornadoes and damaging Kansas storms.

Magazine Cover

Keeping Informed and Educated

Stolfi believes in continued education and research into the latest findings for safe shelter during storms and tornadoes. He stays abreast of the latest findings and ratings for shelters by the Texas Wind Institute who make certain that shelters adhere to FEMA standards. Storm Defense Shelters carries a wide variety of shelters to meet unique needs but they each have to be certified to meet or exceed FEMA guidelines to withstand EF5 tornadoes and hurricane-force wind speeds. Eric has undergone training by government meteorologists so he can know how best to keep you and those you are responsible for safe.

Keeping Kansas Families and Communities Safe

Schools, businesses, churches, and apartments can all call on Stolfi and Storm Defense Shelters to install one or more Community Shelters to keep employees, students and groups of people protected during the worst Kansas storms. The Community Shelters are a great way to provide safety for those in Mobile Home Parks, Industries and everything in between. They can be installed and ready to protect while at work or school. Storm Defense has a huge selection of FEMA tested shelters for below or above ground installation in home settings to keep you and your loved ones safe. Check out the safe rooms and pet shelters as well as concrete shelters. They even carry the Under Bed Shelter as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Storm Defense Shelters Kansas

Eric takes his dedication to keeping Kansans safe seriously. His company started as a result of looking for the best way to protect his own family after a near-tornado miss to his rural Kansas home. Since then, Storm Defense Shelters has installed shelters for schools, businesses, and homes in Kansas. They know their work could save your life. Great care is taken in helping you with the best choice for you particular needs, delivery, installation and clean up afterwards. As the article in Kansas Country Living states, tornadoes are going to occur in Kansas. Let Eric and Storm Defense Shelters help you protect those you are responsible for.