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It is an employers’ responsibility to keep their workers safe at their work place, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The National Weather Service works in partnership with OSHA to educate businesses in ways to protect our nations workers during severe weather. Kansas is right in the center of “Tornado Alley” where the jet streams meet to produce the greatest threat of tornadic activity. That’s why Eric Stolfi of Storm Defense Shelters has a commitment to protect his Kansas neighbors with storm shelters built to FEMA specifications. That certainly includes Kansas businesses and manufacturers.

Safe Place for All Your Kansas Employees

Whether your business has 5 or 5000 employees, you can install a Group Shelter or Community Shelter that will protect every one of your employees. A lot of businesses are built in large metal warehouse-style buildings. That’s practical for business but one of the worst possible places to be in a tornado or damaging straight wind. Storm Defense Shelters offers different sizes of community shelters which can be installed inside or outside your existing building on a concrete pad. These commercial Community shelters can be placed in separate buildings for large businesses or in a row, depending on the number of workers you need to safeguard. As your business grows, you can easily install another Community Shelter to hold your increase in workforce.

Shelters built to FEMA Codes for your KS Workers

Storm Defense Shelters only carries and installs shelters which have been tested and approved to meet FEMA guidelines to withstand EF5 tornadoes and hurricane-force winds. Your company can count on the rigorous testing these Community Shelters have endured to keep your people safe. They have ventilation systems to sustain your employees until danger has passed. Every Storm Defense Shelter is reinforced with steel rebar, fiber mesh and poured with a minimum of 6000 lb psi concrete or heavy-duty steel. They are tested to withstand debris thrown like missiles in 250 mph winds.

Create a Tornado Preparedness Plan for your KS Workplace

This is the time to develop a plan so your business will be prepared when a tornado warning is sounded. The OSHA website has a great list of requirements and suggestions to get your business ready.

  • Make a Tornado plan and make sure to let everyone know
  • Practice a drill
  • Have an up-to-date roster to ensure everyone made it to the shelter

There is much your company can do to protect your greatest asset- your employees. Providing a Tornado Shelter that is built to FEMA codes is at the top of the list. Contact Eric Stolfi at Storm Defense Shelters so he can help you protect your Kansas employees before a tornado or severe weather hits.